Thank a Paramedic, as this Week is National Emergency Medical Services Week

This week is National Emergency Medical Services Week, and everyone is pushed to thank a paramedic this week, thousands of lives are saved by EMS employees each year.

It is said that in Dougherty County, sirens signify business for paramedics and roughly 19,000 calls are attended by them in a year.

Shift Supervisor, Steve Ebel says 70% calls are emergencies, he stated, "Just knowing that we get to help folks and seeing the gratitude on their faces when we do help them is helpful”.

It is said that Dougherty County EMS has approximately 90 workers. Those at headquarters work 24 hour shifts and take 72 hour of breaks.

Most of the employees have other jobs. Assistant Supervisor, Kenny Nolf says his work is not just to respond to calls.

It is said that responders must know all 2,400 streets in Dougherty County in order to reach to those patients. Patients can receive help even faster with latest technology like power stretchers and portable heart monitors.

Although a lot of calls are for emergency but Nolf says that it’s surprising to see the kinds of calls they get at times, like stumped toes, tooth aches, stomach aches, and anxiety attacks and more.

This week they deserve a thank you, since they have always been there to help everybody. National Emergency Medical Services Week will carry on through Saturday May 22nd.