HIV Progression Associated with Recurrent Alcohol Usage

Scientists have proclaimed that HIV likely tends to progress at a quicker velocity rate in infected people that consume two or more alcoholic drinks on a daily basis.

As per AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses' journal, recurrent alcohol consumption speeds up HIV disease progression. In fact, two or more than two drinks a day is linked with declining CD4+ cell counts, which signify a deteriorated immune system in patients.

Established on the results of a 30-month potential investigation, the scientists led by Florida International University, have established that alcohol has a straight impact on CD4 cells and that the sped up decline in CD4+ cell counts in recurrent alcohol users is because of drinking alcohol.

This showed that low levels of viral duplication may still be coming back, regardless of giving therapy.

According to the scientists, the information clearly illustrates that their conclusion that the kid's CD4 T-cells might comprise of latent HIV reservoirs that form up early during a kid's life before antiretroviral therapy is initiated.

Thomas Hope, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal said that it is significant that HIV infected people make decisions as per appropriate information they gather concerning alcohol and that this article will assist them to achieve this target.