Want to Opt for Facebook’s new privacy policy? Its Baffling

Facebook has more than million registered users and half of them log in to the service every day. The Company further states that users spend 500 billion minutes on the site each month. But users may opt for the Facebook's new privacy policy if they wish to keep information private, which makes most of that information public by default.

As a consequence, the company is being attacked by privacy groups, Government officials and its own users, who complain that the new policy is baffling. Some groups complain that the new opt-out settings are too lengthy to figure out as well as use.

Elliot Schrage, Vice President for public policy at Facebook said, "There are always trade-offs between providing comprehensive and precise granular controls and offering simple tools that may be broad and blunt. We have tried to offer the most comprehensive and detailed controls and comprehensive and detailed information about them".

Facebook users, who want to make their personal information private, must know that the new opt-out settings certainly are complex and they would have to spend a lot of time pressing a lot of buttons. One has to click through more than 50 privacy buttons, to opt out of full disclosure of most information.

Users must decide whether they want only friends, friends of friends, everyone on Facebook, or a customized list of people to see things like their birthdays or their latest photos.