Verizon’s Pricing May Derail Microsoft’s Plans

The pricing strategy of Verizon for Kin phones is being seriously questioned by all, since its launch. Microsoft had decided to go with Verizon in the U. S. market for its recently launched handsets. Experts feel that it will be very difficult for these phones to make an impact in the smart phone market. The market is currently dominated by iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones.

Verizon has launched these handsets with $39.95 per month for voice and $29.95 if a user also wants to use it for data. This makes it very costly and difficult for an average user.

Since these phones are mainly aimed at the teenagers the pricing makes it beyond the reach of most of the teenagers. Even people who might be tempted to use these phones for their novelty value will find it unattractive to use.

An average user will much rather go for a smart phone than use the Kin phones offered by Microsoft. Microsoft is highly dependent on the success of these handsets and if these phones do not fare well it will have a significant impact on Microsoft.

Even though it is still early days to pass any verdict on these phones, analysts feel that Verizon’s pricing will work against the success of these handsets in the market.