Top Cable Exces Feel Web and Cable Video Industry Should Work In Tandem

Reports claim that top cable executives are upbeat about the growth of video distributors on the Web and the advent of new video-enabled devices like Apple Inc's iPad. They feel that the growth would create more opportunities for both networks and distributers.

Adding further, the execs differed about the status of the cable industry in relation to the evolution of the web video industry. They however, supported the need to develop profitable business models to work in tandem with each other.

The new iPad-based Xfinity TV was revealed at the event by Comcast Corp.’s Chief Executive, Brian Roberts. The latest model would enable Comcast customers to control home set-top boxes from wherever they were.

Though Comcast has not yet enabled delivery of Comcast programming to the device, Roberts said that the company is in talks with Google and Android to enable the application.

In the wake of customers spending more time watching and sharing YouTube videos with their friends online, cable companies are aggressively exploring possibilities at to create a more flexible TV viewing experience for paying subscribers.

Supporting the broadband structure of cable companies, Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Jeff Bewkes said the infrastructure allows them to make more content available on-demand to customers.

One of the leading examples of a mutually profitable business model is the partnership of Time Warner with Verizon Communications Inc. to offer TV shows online.

Mr. Bewkes said that, “TV Everywhere initiative is now in 20 million U. S. homes, and is hopeful the industry to make it 50 million homes by next year”.