Pet Pooch Could Contribute in Treating Parkinson's

It was recently revealed by doctors a pet pooch could help in treating Parkinson's disease.

It was seen that the health of a 28 year old woman improved who was suffering from a brain disease because of her pooch.

It was noticed that she had started taking large doses of four different drugs a day to control symptoms. She started taking these drugs three years after she was diagnosed with this disease. It was reports that she for 14 hours in a day she had morphine pump and her health was worsening very fast.

The Sun reports showed that after she was given a highland terrier by a friend the doctors saw improvements in symptoms and the drugs that she was taking also dropped.

It was also noted that she stopped taking her daily dose of morphine.

"Remarkably sustained benefits occurred, with improvement in her walking and symptoms including appetite, sleep and bowel function, as well as socialization", said doctors at Imperial College London, who report her case in the Journal of Neurology.

The doctors were not able provide a reason on how the dog had such a dramatic effect on her health but said that because of the dog she used to take a walk, feed and look after the pet regularly.