Obama Government Prompt In Implementing New Health Care Law

The New York Times reports that, the secretary of health and human services, Kathleen Sebelius has sent a letter to the Congress leaders informing about the implementation of the new health care law.

The Obama administration is acting in a prompt way to carry out the new expansive healthcare law. Ms. Sebelius, made a special reference to the provisions that are also known as the 'early insurance market reforms.

Confirming the positive response to the law, Ms. Sebelius, mentioned in the letter that around 65 insurance companies had voluntarily agreed in offering dependent coverage to adult children up to age 26. She stated that this is a step in the positive direction as the legal requirement for the coverage does not commence until September 23.

Further she commented on the progress of the high risk pools and rebates for Medicare patients who were categorized in to the prescription drug doughnut hole.

The letter that is believed to be a part of the administrative campaign points to the members that the debate on the healthcare is over and. The letter was sent to the eminent leaders of the health-related committees.

Reports suggest that HHS is working on setting up provisions that would require the insurers to spend some portion of their costs on medical care.

Ms. Sebelius also said that, "the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, which is required to issue definitions to help establish the regulations, has agreed to speed up its work and make a submission by June ".