Sprint Supports Android, Shy’s Away From Google

After backing Google on a version of the Nexus One known as the N1, in a surprising turn of events Sprint now shies away from Google. Company reports claim that America's third largest wireless carrier will not work in tandem with Googlephone.

Following the announcement that America’s largest carrier, Verizon would not join the online Nexus One store, Sprint made the announcement.

Reports confirm that Vodafone would only sell the phone in retail shops.

Sprint runs a network based on the black sheep CDMA standard, and it is anticipated that Google has abandoned its plans to offer a CDMA incarnation of the handset.

Even though Google continues to sell the original GSM version of the phone from its online store, but in the wake of such developments experts feel that the Google’s dream for the superphone may have ended.

Google has sold 500,000 devices even though it had never anticipated selling large number of devices. It is believed that Google aims at creating a new unique way of buying smartphones.

Industry analysts feel that following the exit of Verizon and Vodafone from Google’s online store, Sprint followed as the developments made the feasibility of a CDMA phone less viable.

However, Sprint reports claim that,’ it abandoned the Nexus One because of the upcoming availability of the award-winning Evo 4G, an Android phone sold through traditional channels’.

Reports from the NPD Group claim that Android accounted for 28 per cent of smartphones sold in the first quarter and the sales figures are still thriving.