Garland teachers’ journey to beat breast cancer gets assist

For everyone who was ready to put an end to breast cancer, Sunday was the big day , for thousands of Sioux Landers made it out to the second annual Susan G Komen Sioux land Race for the Cure. The research to help find a cure for breast cancer , each participant helps raise money that goes towards health programs like mammograms , community education .

Like the family of recent breast cancer survivor Linda Mize , who walked away with sons , a daughter in law , grandkids , and her daughter , Melissa Humphrey said “The best part is all my kids are here, but it is fun to take part in the race. This is obviously our first year, but I think we're going to make it a family event” while Humphrey said “

Oh, it's awesome to have her here and to be able to participate with our whole family is great, With so many mothers, daughters, sons and friends participating, the bottom line - raising money to find a cure for breast cancer - is much closer”. Parson, 47, “It has been the most difficult yet empowering year of my life. I'm still on the journey to beat it. I became involved because of my aunt. She's a survivor and now in her mid-80s and having a good Mother's Day”.

It may be noted that Parsons were the biggest sponsors of the event.