Stranded British passengers facing hardships abroad

Thousands of stranded British passengers are facing hardships abroad following the recent volcanic ash crisis which affect airline around the globe.

Around 50,000 British passengers are expected to remain stranded abroad this weekend plus they have been told that they could face delays of up to a one month before they can get back to their homes.

Penniless British passengers have been sleeping at airports as they have no other option.

Speaking on the topic, a standard passenger said, “We were told we've got to pay for our own meals and accommodation and keep the receipts. We only saved for a holiday: we weren't expecting to be here another four weeks."

Officials from the Britain’s Foreign Office have assured that British diplomats worldwide were making sincere efforts to help stranded passengers.

Stranded passengers have been accusing the airlines of not doing the needful to get them back home.

Meanwhile, British Airways has increased the number of flights to pacify infuriated passengers who have been criticizing the airline mishandling the crisis.