Discovery lands safely; Atlantis rollout to wait until next month

After spending 15 days in space, the shuttle Discovery with its seven astronauts landed safely at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday morning.

Landing was delayed by rain and fog, but in the morning the fog dissipated as the sun rose, providing Discovery with a chance to land safely.

Now, Discovery will be prepped for the final flight to International Space Station, which is scheduled for September. After the September flight NASA will retire its oldest surviving shuttle Discovery.

NASA will then depend on Russian shuttles to carry American astronauts to the ISS.

Discovery delivered over 17,000 pounds of supplies, equipment and science gear to the International Space Station. It staged three spacewalks to replace an ammonia coolant tank on the ISS’ main power truss.

NASA will fly only three more missions as Obama administration has decided to cut space programs to cut costs.

Meanwhile, Flight of space shuttle Atlantis, which will go on one of the NASA’s last missions to the ISS, has been delayed until next month due to poor weather conditions.