DJ Lin Peifen Fell in Love with Sydney's Beaches, Captured the Beauty in Camera

During Y. E. S. 93.3 FM DJ Lin Peifen's recent trip to Sydney, arranged by Canon Singapore and Tourism New South Wales, she did not hope to fall in love with the city's beaches.

She said that she is not a beach person, but she really admired Sydney's beaches. She said that everything was truly beautiful because of the sun; the sky was so blue and colours were very vibrant.

Peifen tried to capture the beauty around her with the Canon's most recent PowerShot SX210 IS.

She said with a laugh, "This camera is intuitive and easy to use. The 14x zoom comes in handy when you don't want to spoil the moment by being too near the subject or when you don't want to be too obvious, like when you're at the beach and want to snap a picture of a cute guy or pretty girl".

She added that the optical zoom also works when you're making high-definition videos, which made her feel like a professional photographer.

Another feature, which drew Peifen's interest, was the creative mode that consists of effects like as fish-eye, miniature, colour accent and colour swap.

She said that she used the miniature mode number of times. It puts the subject in sharp focus while the rest of the shot is blurred.

Apart from the PowerShot SX210 IS, Peifen also got the opportunity to take a trial of the PowerShot S90.