Adobe Introduces Photoshop CS5

Adobe has introduced Photoshop CS5 which carries the promise of making the routine tasks easier for the users, thereby delivering speedy and accurate performance.

Providing a 64-bit support, the new framework enables the users to work on files larger than 4GB easily. The enhancements to the OpenGL engine accelerate the delivery of 3D geometry to Mac's video card.

Adobe has added 14 new versions in all, to its products including Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5 and Premiere CS5.

All the new products are associated with the new Adobe CS Live, which will be running on five online services viz. Adobe BrowserLab, Adobe CS Review, Acrobat. com, Adobe Story and SiteCatalyst NetAverages from Omniture.

The unique feature on CS review is that it allows the users to review designs directly from the net via CS5 applications.

BrowserLab is soon going to be declared as the favorite of the web designers given the facility provided by it for testing the web content across various browsers and platforms.

For the photography lovers, the Photoshop CS5's Refine Edge application provides options of better edge detection thereby improving on the workflow.