Stroke Risk Due to Sleep Apnea Found to be More in Men

It has recently been found that the problem of obstructive sleep apnea can elevate the risk of having heart strokes to an extent that it can double the risk in males and can also raise the threat of heart strokes in females. This research was published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

This finding was concluded after 5,422 people, 40 years of age or older, with no other previous record of strokes, were analyzed. The researchers who conducted this study concluded that amplified danger of stroke was noted in men who suffered mild sleep apnea and that it further increased if not treated on time.

It was found that males with temperate to intense sleep apnea were three times more at a risk of suffering stroke if compared to males with either mild or no sleep apnea.

The study also stated that the inclining risk of stroke in females suffering from obstructive sleep apnea was found to be noticeable only in severe apnea.

This study was conducted with the help of data that was taken from the Sleep Heart Health Study that is being conducted in many places. It included, observing the patients who executed a regular at-home sleep test for detecting if the participant is suffering from  sleep apnea, and if yes then to what extent.

It was therefore concluded that males are at a higher risk as they develop sleep apnea when they are young and that is the reason why most of them go untreated for a longer time increasing the risk of strokes.