More SD, SDHC and MicroSD Cards Offered by Sony

Adding more to the list of SD card products, Sony has announced today that the company is putting on sale SD, SDHC and MicroSD cards.

Sony Australia announced that whole of the 2010 range of digital imaging products be compatible with SD and SDHC memory cards.

But this is raising a question: what about the memory stick? The announcement of Sony associate with the fact that the company is trying to exit from the awaited stance of offering the proprietary Memory Stick, which is the only option for digital image storage.

Product Manager, Digital SLR Cameras and Memory Cards, Sony Australia, Maurice Satya said that this step aims at offering choices to customers.

The range of Sony's memory cards that is to be made available with Memory Stick range is being offered in volumes from 32 gigabytes.

Satya further added that SD and SDHC cards will balance Sony's in hand Memory Stick range in order to gratify the requirements of users. It was also stated that the offerings will enhance Sony's image as a "full line media supplier".

The new cards are also being promised to offer consumers with video recording that will be a stable and high definition one and also to equip the users with functions of high-end camera phones and compact digital cameras.