Newzbin Loses Battle to Hollywood

Hollywood film companies came out victorious in the battle in opposition to Newzbin, a website which enables its users to download copies of movies.

Newzbin is anticipated to end its assistance given to visitors in order to have an access to movies and TV serials which is owned by companies that belong to the Motion Picture Association.

It was told to the High Court by The Motion Picture that Newzbin was a part of breaching patent.

The website offers links to unauthorized editions of patent works which include movies, TV serials, advertisements and other matter.

This judgment will aid to sustain the constant investment in fresh lawful online services and the formation of latest films and TV shows for pleasure by viewers equally in the UK and around the world.

Paramount Pictures Corporation, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Universal City Studios LLLP, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. are represented by the MPA.

During the hearing, Newzbin stated it would continue to run its website but could possibly include filtering process on its site.