Lord Oxburgh to lead inquiry into ‘Climategate’ incident

The University of East Anglia has announced that Lord Oxburgh, former chair of the House of Lords science & technology select committee, would lead the review panel that would re-examine the scientific papers produced by Climatic Research Unit (CRU).

The review panel will investigate the ‘Climategate’ incident in which hacked emails suggested that scientists at the CRU manipulated and suppressed data to exaggerate the dangers from climate change.

Last year, hackers infiltrated a server at the University’s CRU and obtained some emails. One of the hacked emails belonged to CRU chief climatologist Phil Jones, who had used the email to discuss the trick to hide original climate data.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Oxburgh said, “The shadow hanging over climate change and science more generally at present makes it a matter of urgency that we get on with this assessment.”

Professor Huw Davies from ETH Zurich, Professor David Hand from Imperial College London, Professor Kerry Emanual from MIT, Professor Lisa Graumlich from the University of Arizona and Professor Herbert Huppert and Professor Michael Kelly from the University of Cambridge will be the other members of the review panel.