High-speed trains to Scotland soon

High speed trains will ply soon between London and Scotland even before the proposed tracks were to be constructed, according to a new announcement due this week.

The train will significantly reduce the travel time for the Scottish passengers. This is the first time in 15 years that railway line is being built between London and Birmingham. Transport Secretary Lord Adonis has expressed that the discussion for funding with the Scottish government to extend this track up to Glasgow and Edinburgh has not begun as yet.

His announcement has come as a disappointment for those who were trying to the get the new track upto Scotland soon. An estimate by the Network Rail for the proposed track is around £34 billion.

An announcement is likely on Thursday regarding the detailed plan prepared by a specially created company by government called, High Speed Two. According to the plan 200mph trains will ply between London and Birmingham by around 2025.

Lord Adonis has said that the high speed trains will have a vision to go north from the Midlands on existing rail infrastructure. He has also dispelled concerns about the lack of tilting technology which allows trains to accelerate on the curves such as the one on the West Coast Main Line.

Lord Adonis further said that the authorities would have to work out a new funding agreement as the project has huge capital requirements which are higher than most existing agreements. He indicated that the upcoming announcement would not include detailed information about the funding as those details will be worked out on a later stage.

The campaign to connect Scotland with the high speed rail network is lead by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) which has recommended that the construction of this infrastructure should begin on both ends.

SCC has urged the government is Scotland to play a central role in the project and also look into the financial aspect seriously. The Scottish government has so far been reluctant to discuss funding of the high speed rail network however it is committed to include Scotland in the new UK network.