Facebook About to Launch Zero Version

A new and simplified version of the service for mobile phones will be launched by the social networking site Facebook soon. It will offer totally text based application. It has removed many of the popular features, such as photo sharing, and it aims to bring more mobile users onto the site.

Due to its simplified nature, it will cost nothing on mobile data services. It has been called Facebook Zero instead of just Facebook. It has launched its Zero version to massively expand its user base. It would work with the basic SMS/Text service, only. Even if people don't have an internet access, it will persuade a bigger portion of the world population to connect to Facebook.

"Facebook need to bring in as many similar features that grab and maintain their audiences as they can, because although convenient to the social utility, if it's not interesting and sticky, audiences may migrate to where it is", said Tim Gibbon, co-founder of the Social Media Portal.