BBC to launch news, sports apps for iPhone

The BBC has announced that it would launch its first applications for Apple's iPhone, starting with BBC News app in April.

BBC News app will be followed by BBC Sport app that is scheduled to be launched in May. In addition, the BBC has plans to an iPlayer app later this year.

BBC's director of future media & technology Erik Huggers announced the services at Mobile world Congress in Barcelona. All these services will be offered free of charge.

Speaking on the issue, Mr. Huggers added, "[Audiences] want to access digital services that they have paid for at a time and place that suits them.”

The news app will provide content from the BBC News website. The content will include audio and visual material. Users will also be able to send comments as well as pictures straight to the BBC newsroom.

BBC’s Sport app will focus on the live match experience, starting with the football World Cup in South Africa.