Harsh Consequences For Crew Members On Strike: Willie Walsh BA

Warning the cabin crew, British Airways boss Willie Walsh boldly alarmed the member that the strike would cost them. He also intimated that that cost revenue from the strike will be recovered at any cost by the management.

BA Boss also notified that the "consequences are going to be harsh" including dismissal from British airways. This statement came as a result of the strike by the staff members regarding the cost-cutting measures with reduction of on-board crew members.

In fortnightly column addressing the staff members, Walsh said, "Going on strike is a very serious matter and everyone needs to consider their actions very carefully. That is why I was surprised to see BASSA/Unite advising cabin crew to ignore the clear message that anyone who goes on strike will lose their staff travel, permanently. Subsidized travel is not a contractual matter and never was. It is a generous benefit granted at the company's discretion".

He further warned, "If people choose to damage our business, we will need to do our utmost to recover the costs by any means we can, including removing this benefit".

A second strike ballot is being voted by BA's 12,000-plus cabin crew voting for a decision in initiated in November to cut crew member. Initially as the result of heavy positive voting, this 12 day threatening strike was initiated but further dropped when court declared it invalid.