IPCC’s 2007 report is under fire

A report prepared by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007, which claimed that the Himalaya's glaciers would disappear by 2035, is under fire.

Earlier in January, a British magazine called the New Scientist reported that IPCC 2007 report’s claim about the Himalaya glaciers would fade away by 2035 was based on a report by WWF, which in turn was based on the New Scientist's account of a 1999 interview with an Indian glaciologist.

The New Scientist further added that to make such a major claim on the basis of such a source was a big mistake as the concerned Indian glaciologist did not repeat the claim in any peer-reviewed study.

The IPCC is a forum of the world's foremost warming experts. It was set up by the UN in 1988 to prepare a report summarizing climate science.

On the other hand, IPCC defended itself by claiming that the conclusions in its report, which was published in 2007, were as mistake-free as a careful science could make them.

The IPCC further added that such a wide and voluminous report could not be fully error-free.