Mcdonalds to Create 5000 Jobs on Heels of High UK Sales

As UK emerged as the best performing market for McDonalds, management at the American fast food giant it vowed to create 5000 jobs in the nation.

The annual sales for the popular burger chain increased by a phenomenal 11 per cent, considerably higher than the global average of 3.8 per cent growth. Scotland triumphed England by posting a growth rate of 11.5 per cent for the fast food giant.

According to McDonald's UK chief executive Steve Easterbrook, the company had responded well to the challenges posed by recession through various innovation strategies such as altering the menu, improving the quality of the offerings and the introduction of a new restaurant format.

The cheaper menu also did its bit to attract customers that felt the pinch in a nation that was one of the worst affected by the crippling recession.

"The UK jobs being created would take McDonald's workforce to 85,000 in this country. In 2009 we thought we'd create 4,000 new jobs, in fact we created 6,000. This year we expect our growth to create another 5,000 new jobs", affirmed Easterbrook.