Facebook unveils its new App Center service

Facebook recently unveiled its new App Center service for web-based apps which will be integrated with the company's social network, and will persuade the users to stay longer on a site - by playing games, listening to music, and other such things - so that marketers can target them with their ads.

The Facebook App Center is different from the other similar services from rivals - like Apple's App Store, Google's Play; Amazon's Appstore, RIM's Blackberry App World, and Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace - because rather than focusing only on selling apps, the Facebook service also draws the attention of its over 900 million members to Facebook web apps.

The new Facebook App Center service functions in such a manner that users are required to call up a directory of software options with a mere tap of a button within a mobile Facebook app; and once they find a particular app of their choice, they are directed either to the Apple App Store or the Google Play store for downloading the software.

The service - debuting with over 600 apps - will also be available to users who are signed on to Facebook's desktop version, and it will give the members the ability to send the application to their mobile devices.

Noting that the App Center will give the users "personalized recommendations" and allow them browse the apps used by their friends, Facebook said in a recent blog post: "It only lists high-quality apps, based on feedback from people who use the app."