Nintendo unveils Miiverse social network for players of forthcoming Wii U console

In a streamed pre-E3 presentation on Sunday, Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata unveiled the Japanese game company's new social network - Miiverse - which has been designed for the players of its forthcoming Wii U video game console.

With Nintendo's main E3 conference scheduled to be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the company released a 30-minute video on its website on Sunday. The video showed Iwata standing in Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters below the company's motto. The motto is written in Japanese calligraphy, and its English translation means "creating something unique."

The video chiefly has Iwata demonstrating the company's Miiverse social network as a medium for the gamers to post game-related updates and queries to one another, as well as send handwritten messages with the help of Wii U's touch-screen tablet controller, and even set up a video chat with fellow gamers.

Iwata also asserted in the video that the Wii U, and the Miiverse social network, will be a game-changer for the console business, which has been steadily plunging over the last three years largely due to the fact that the focus and spending of the consumers has shifted towards games on smartphones and tablets, along with social games on sites like Facebook.

Noting that Miiverse will hopefully promote "a new degree of empathy between players," Iwata said: "We consider the small screen as the social window.. Miiverse can connect your living room with those of others, regardless of space or time."