Apple releases new integrated tool to remove Flashback malware

Two days after Apple said that it was working on a mechanism that would give Mac users an automated way to remove Flashback infection, Apple has released an integrated tool for the removal of Flashback malware from infected Mac systems.

With Russian antivirus company Dr. Web having recently revealed that Flashback malware - which has been designed for pilfering Mac users' personal details via their web browser and some other apps - has apparently infected nearly 600,000 Macs worldwide, the release of the Flashback malware remover by Apple comes as a part of the company's security update to Java.

Going by the information shared by Apple, the new Flashback malware removing tool is capable of getting the Macs rid of "the most common variants" of the malware. In addition, the tool also turns off the automatic execution of Java applets on Web pages.

The release of the new Flashback malware remover by Apple comes over and above some of the other solutions which antivirus companies have come up with of late to facilitate the detection as well as removal of the malware which infects Macs.

While Symantec rolled out an Apple-like Flashback remover tool just ahead of Apple itself, the first automated removal tool was launched by Kasperby Lab last week when the company became the first antivirus firm to substantiate the Dr. Web's Mac-infections figures. In addition, F-Secure has also recently released a small piece of software which detects Flashback malware by using AppleScript, as well as carries out the necessary repairs of infected Macs.