Nokia Offers Lumia 900 Exchange, Credits as Problem Surfaces

Nokia recently acknowledged in a blog post that it has identified a `memory management' problem on its newly-released Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 handsets, and has announced an exchange or credit offer to owners who do not want to wait till the company's next-week release of a software fix to address the issue.

With some of the early Lumia 900 users facing a problem pertaining to loss of data connectivity - 3G as well as LTE - on their smartphones, Nokia has said that it has discovered the reason behind the problem, and has worked out a software fix to address it.

However, the software fix will be rolled out by Nokia by around April 16; and, in the meantime, Nokia has offered the Lumia 900 users the option of getting their handsets exchanged for updated versions in AT&T stores. Moreover, in what apparently is a "goodwill gesture" by the company, customers who purchase the Lumia 900 between now and April 21 will be given a $100 credit on their next bill.

The offer announced by Nokia implies that the Lumia 900 - which is available from AT&T at $99 with a two-year contract - will effectively be free for those buyers who purchase the handset over the next ten days.

With Nokia's offer delighting the customers, and the notably bold move also drawing praise from industry watchers, Nokia's US chief Chris Weber said that the company did not want to take any chances and "as a proactive and prudent measure, we decided, together with AT&T, to take immediate action."