Attempts to make jab that can stop blindness in the elderly

One of the most common age-related blindness might get stopped among people as scientists have stated that a chemical has been discovered by them that will avoid macular degeneration from getting developed and that too in just one-off jab.

Central vision gets hampered due to deterioration and death of cells in the macular, the part of the retina used to see straight ahead. Eyes are then slowly affected by the more common ‘dry’ form and this sometimes takes many years.

This chemical will try to stop the dry age-related macular degeneration from taking a form that is serious and this breakthrough has come from Trinity College London, and this will allow people to live their lives without a problem caused by this degeneration.

The disease takes a serious form due to an immune chemical called IL-18 being present in a lesser form and this was seen in tests on animals and on human eyes donated to medical research. This means that if this chemical is increased then the effects of this disease can be controlled.

Dr Matthew Campbell, who led the research, said, “It means if you take someone with dry AMD and inject IL-18 into the retina, you could potentially prevent them from ever getting wet AMD.”