600 children fathered by British scientist

It was stated yesterday that about 600 children were born from a British scientist after founding a fertility clinic that promised to provide sperm donors from ‘intelligent stock’.

Sperms were supplied to women who had infertile partners belonging to upper and middle class by biologist Bertold Wiesner, including ‘peers of the realm’.

Mary Barton, wife of the scientist, did away the medical records that could prove Weisner the father of these children making them have no idea of their family history.

An estimate was made by David Gollancz, one of Wiesner’s biological sons, that he must have fathered about 300 to 600 children as he must have made about 20 donations in a year.

It was at the age of just 12 years that Gollancz, who is a barrister now, came to know that he was born from a sperm donor but it was not told to him.

He said, “It’s rather uncomfortable, because artificial insemination was developed on an industrial scale for cattle and I don’t like the feeling of having been bred.”

On about 18 people in 2007 DNA tests were conducted and it was seen that two-thirds were Wiesner’s children.