Secure your Mac from Flashback infection

With Russian antivirus firm Dr. Web having revealed earlier this week that nearly 600,000 Macs have been infected with Flashback Trojan - over 50 percent of the infected systems being in the US alone -, Mac users desirous of securing their systems from the infection are being advised to take some simple yet effective steps.

Keeping one's Mac system safe from Flashback is important, especially in the wake of the fact that rather than being a Trojan-horse application, Flashback is technically a "drive-by download" which exploits some vulnerability in Web software to infect the computers --- and, for the Macs, it is vulnerability in Java software that is attacked by Flashback.

Since Flashback is even worse than a Trojan, in the sense that a mere visit to a malware-ridden website can give Flashback the ability to silently take control of the computers, the Flashback attack on Macs - like most of the other similar attacks - can be prevented by a prompt installation of security updates; installation of antivirus software; and avoiding a visit to seemingly malicious sites; or better still, uninstall Java from OS X.

With Java having already become an attractive target for malware authors, Mac users can disable the software in the Apple Safari browser by going to the Safari menu and selecting `Preferences.' Then, they need to click the `Security' heading under the `Preferences' option, and click to clear the checkbox by the side of `Enable Java', so that Java is disabled.