Google CEO Larry Page betting big on social networking and mobile devices

Marking the first anniversary of his return to the helm at Google, the company's CEO Larry Page published a lengthy public letter on Thursday, giving an update on the strategy being followed by Google, as well as highlighting some of the conflicts faced by him after having completed one year as the company's chief.

In the letter posted at Google+ social network, Page said that his comeback first year as the Google CEO has largely been marked by "big bets" on social networking and mobile devices "that will make a difference in the world."

Noting that he had "pushed hard to increase our velocity, improve our execution," Page said that his topmost priority has been the creation of a fairly simple and notably intuitive experience across all the Google products, so as to give to the users "exactly what they need, right when they want it."

About Google's "big clean-up effort, and reorganization of the company's management team to make it more accountable, Page said that the elimination or consolidation of over 30 of its products was one of the "hard choices" which his company had to make amid the numerous opportunities that had come its way.

In the letter, Page also bragged about the diverse Google products, increasing popularity of Google+ social network, astounding success of Google's Android operating system, and notable usage of its Gmail and YouTube service; and said: "We don't operate in a static industry and technology changes so fast that we need to innovate and iterate."