Nokia Lumia 900 Ads Jab At Apple's iPhone In 'Smartphone Beta Test' Videos

In what apparently is part of Nokia's massive ad campaign for its Lumia 900 smartphone, three `mysterious" videos - recently uploaded on a new Website, smartphonebetatest. com - take a few not-so-obscure shots at the Apple iPhone.

Though the videos make no mention of either Nokia or its Lumia 900 handset, they do take a jab at the iPhone, highlighting the drawbacks in the latest model. With explicit hints that the iPhone is not as `great' a smartphone as it may appear to be, the videos seemingly try to bring across the idea that Apple treats the iPhone users more like beta testers.

The three recently videos, released over the weekend show what is claimed to be a "recently obtained, never before seen footage" of three fictional executives of an unnamed company discussing the flaws in the handsets manufactured by their companies.

While one video - dubbed "Death Grip" - clearly refers to the 2010 "antennagate" problem affecting the iPhone 4, and shows one panicky company employee worried out the loss of his handset's signal when the phone is gripped in a particular way; another video shows the employee complaining that the screen of his handset gets washed out in direct sunlight; and the third video shows the employee being laughed at by his peers when he laments that his handset is too fragile.

Interestingly, at the beginning of all the three videos, a voice-masked narrator speaks one common sentence, that is, "If you ever thought that maybe your smartphone wasn't all it's cracked up to be, that's because it wasn't"!