By 2015 dementia research funding set to rise to £66m

It will soon be announced by David Cameron that by 2015, funding for research into dementia will be doubled and this might make UK a world leader in the field.

Reports state that Cameron will try and say through a speech that when it comes to knowing and diagnosing dementia, the levels are very low.

In the UK alone, about 800,000 people are affected with dementia and about £23bn is the cost that society bears for treating dementia patients.

People affected with dementia are expected to go to a million by the next decade.

Research will get a boost by Cameron and this will ensure that the problem is dealt with by the health and social care systems.

In 2010, the research that took place into dementia totaled about £26.6m and there are plans that by 2015, it will be £66m, it will be stated soon.

Cameron will say, “One of the greatest challenges of our time is what I'd call the quiet crisis, one that steals lives and tears at the hearts of families, but that relative to its impact is hardly acknowledged.”