‘Reddit for Fun’ app pulled from Google Play for sexual content

Google has recently pulled a Reddit app - dubbed `Reddit for Fun' - from its Google Play app store; and has, in explanatory e-mail to the developer, revealed that the app has been removed because it contained sexually explicit content.

While Google has decided to yank the Reddit app for sexual content, the fact is that the Reddit platform does not actually distribute illicit content itself. In other words, the third-party Reddit app's content is not created by the app developer; and it basically comprises content which users browse from news sharing site Reddit.

Since Reddit is a social platform which gives users the opportunity to post all kinds of content - just like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube -, Google has apparently removed the Reddit app because it gives the users a chance to share offensive material.

Incidentally, Google has picked only the `Reddit for Fun' app for removal from its Play app store, even though the other Reddit apps have been left to continue on the store as they have been thus far --- a fact which apparently has not gone down too well with the supposedly controversial app's creator Andrew Shu.

Expressing surprise at Google's removal of his app from the store, Shu said that he is presently unsure about "how to go about appealing this" Google decision; and added: "After all it's true that reddit content includes NSFW (not safe for work) content. Not sure exactly why my app was singled out and the other reddit apps weren't, though."