YouTube gets better integrated with Google+

In what can be seen as an evident indication that Google is seriously pursuing a new social strategy, the Internet search giant has recently revealed that its popular YouTube video-sharing site now boasts a better integration with its Google+ social network.

Amid apprehensions that Google's recent moves in the direction of its new social strategy indicate that the company has seemingly lost its core vision and has started focusing solely on advertising and social networking, Google has come up with the new YouTube channel feature which is closely linked with Google+.

As a result of the new Google move, the users of the company's Google+ social network will now be able to create a new YouTube channel with the help of their current Google+ profile name and photo; thus implying that a seamless identity will be created across both the Google platforms.

While the users already have the advantage of sharing the videos they watch on YouTube with their Google+ friends as well as within Google+ Hangouts, the improved integration of YouTube with Google+ will now make it possible for them to view the videos being watched by their Google+ friends directly from YouTube.

With the YouTube channel feature to be available only to users who do not already have a YouTube channel, those long-time YouTube users with their own channels are being asked to "stay tuned" by the company; thereby hinting that they will eventually get the ability to link or associate their existing channel and Google+ account.