Launch of smartphone diabetes device for diabetics

Diabetics in the UK will now be able to manage their condition with a smartphone as a new device gets launched.

An Apple iPhone or iPod is needed to get the £48 hi-tech glucose monitor working which has been rolled out at Boots stores. By making use of an MP3 player or their phone, people can now monitor the level of sugar in their blood.

Medical data can be analysed and tracked by the device, iBGStar, which comes with a free Diabetes Manager App.

In the UK alone, about 2.9 million people are having diabetes and in managing the problem, accurate monitoring of blood glucose is essential. People who have type-1 diabetes need the device as it is very important for them as in this dangerous rises in blood sugar level is possible.

Damage to various organs like kidneys, heart, eyes and the nerves is possible with high blood sugar.

Traditional blood glucose monitors, BGMs, check the blood sugar levels by pricking the skin and are palm-sized devices.

iBGStar works the same way but is just one inch long and plugs straight into an iPhone or iPod touch.