Android needs a better e-mail app that can rival the iPhone

With the findings of Pew Internet and ComScore surveys revealing that e-mail is one of the most popular activities among smartphone owners in the US, it is highly disappointing that the Android-based handsets lack a consistent, native e-mail app to compete with the Apple iPhone.

That the Android requires a better e-mail app is evident from the fact that despite being a popular app for handsets and tablet devices, the e-mail app surprisingly does not show up on the "Most Popular" lists at Google Play.

The fact that the e-mail app is widely used by the smartphone and tablet owners can be ascertained from Pew Internet's report that, for the US smartphone users, e-mail is the fourth-most popular app, after texting, clicking pictures, and sending photos and video; while ComScore statistics show that e-mail ranks third in terms of popularity, after texting and taking photos.

However, in spite of such high usage of the e-mail app by the owners of the present-day mobile devices, the increasingly popular Android platform glaringly lacks a native e-mail app; with each of the manufacturers of Android-based handsets using their own e-mail apps which work differently for different devices.

Though it appears that the e-mail app for Android gets overlooked because Google offers its own Gmail app for the platform, a dedicated e-mail app for Android is still very much desirable because some users do not like Gmail as it is combines all messages in a conversation into a single view!