Children's cereals are high in sugar content

It has been stated that sugar levels are high in cereals meant for children and seeing this they should be placed alongside chocolate biscuits on a supermarket's shelf.

Manufacturers were accused of not doing enough to bring down the sugar levels in cereals by consumer watchdogs.

The research group Which? said, "Cereals aimed at children were particularly disappointing, with high levels of sugar found in 12 out of 14, meaning that many would be more at home in the chocolate biscuit aisle."

On the basis of sugar percentage, Kellogg's Frosties was the worst in the lot and contained 37 per cent sugar. The second in line were supermarket chocolate rice cereals.

It has been seen that for children a high-sugar diet brings problems like tooth decay and obesity.

About 50 cereals were seen for their sugar content and it was seen that 32 contained a high content. There were cereals among these that claimed to be healthy and considered as a slimming option like Kellogg's Special K.

Executive director at Which?, Richard Lloyd, said, "Parents will be particularly surprised by the fact the majority of children's cereals contain so much sugar. More action is needed by retailers and manufacturers to provide a wider choice of healthier cereals."