Schmallenberg virus raise concerns

Following the first case of a virus being figured out that can cause deformities and even death in sheep, livestock producers across the UK are urged to remain vigilant.

West Sussex reported the first case of Schmallenberg virus and this increased concerns among people. Last month the virus was found in the UK and since then it has been effecting sheep only.

Last week about 11 samples were taken to carry out test but the samples were then increased to 33 seeing the possibility of the virus and the disease has now been identified on 29 farms. More tests are now being carried out on the bovine sample.

The Hertfordshire case is outside the area initially said to be at risk from the virus. All the others are inside the initial at risk zone. Veterinary concerns are now issuing updates on this.

The body temperature increases when the virus impacts sheep, anorexia is seen along with the overall condition deteriorating and the milk supply also decreases.

The symptoms are even worse in newborn livestock and these are fused limbs, other deformities and even still births.