Skype now available on Android

Skype has announced that it is going to update Skype for Android app and would be including Skype Video Calls in the list. With the help of this facility, the users of Skype could talk to millions at an affordable price with help of Skype Credit.

Similar kind of service is provided by Apple's FaceTime, but unlike that Skype has allowed its customers to use both Wi-Fi and 3G and that will allow them to be free from the hotspot of their homes.

What is helping it is the iOS that is allowing Skype to make all these video calls and then it is not just restricted to iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch.

But then, there are some limitations to the whole thing. One and foremost is that the service is available only on a handful of Android devices. The second is that one needs to be very careful about data plan. Many a times very high fees is charged for just using 3G or WiFi facility.

The facilities are available only on four Android handsets - Desire S, Xperia Neo and Pro and the Nexus S.