Duke Nukem is back

There are a few young gamers who have no idea of who Duke Nukem is, thanks to the long time of his last adventure. In less than two minutes, the Duke Nukem Forever trailer to give up his achievements in less than two minutes.

The trailer shows that this Duke Nukem is quite faithful to its predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D. This one, Duke’s arsenal will include old favorites like the Freezethrower and Shrink Ray. The voice of Duke Nukem, St. John revealed that even though the game is finished, he is still busy recording voices. He also gave away a slight hint about what is to be expected from this remark of his.

And there is no doubt as to the fact that St. John is the original voice of Deuke Nukem. Earlier, the character was thought to be the Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry kind but with a lot thicker head. With that, it is also important to note that since he was a big buffed guy on steroids, his pitch had to be lowered. Thus began the search for the perfect voice for Duke Nukem. This was ultimately found in St. John and he was thus, the chosen one.