PSP games to be moved over to PS3 with added features

There has been some positive news from Sony where the entertainment giant has announced its plans to shift over its PSP titles over to the PS3 platform. If one were to consider the kind of negative attention that Sony has been able to get, there is definitely some breeze of positive anticipations. Now, the gamers will be waiting for the PSP Remaster series for knowing what is in there for them.

For the Remaster program, a select number of programs are going to be used from PSP titles and that will be helping in not only customizing but also developing specific PS3 computers for the purpose of entertainment system.

And the whole thing is not going to be easy in any way as each of the new title is going to be shipped with BlueRay disc and has to be downsized very much. The program is going to be first launched in Japan and then taken to other countries.

In a press statement, Sony said that PSP Remaster titles are going to deliver not only rich but also a gaming experience that would be full of stunning high-definition graphics as well as through additional new features.