Post law suit settlement, LimeWire service gets over the stay order

Even while the settlement amount is much lesser than what was anticipated, LimeWire is happy that it has been able to win over a case against it by the plaintiffs. They are going to get $1.4 million while the infringement per song was $150,000. Even with that the case has become one of them where file-sharing is very high as per the industry standards.

In October last year, a judge had shutdown services of LimeWire since they decided that it was a music sharing site that was helping in upload of pirated music. The suit was settled privately and the details of the same were not made public.

As per the Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, the law firm, Mark Gorton who is the founder of LineWire is happy since the case has finally ended. He is also found to have said that such a huge monetary settlement is a thing to be happy about.

Music piracy has become an integral part of the music industry and has been causing it a lot of financial woes in the past decades. There is no detail as to how much has been lost by the industry till now.