Apple introducing a new Successor

The wobbly introduction of Apple's restored cloud service MobileMe in the year 2008 provoked Chief Executive Steve Jobs to reprimand those accountable for the service.

Just after launching MobileMe it gathered some poor appraisal from Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal. The conference happens at the hall on Apple's campus to do product exhibition for the press and media. Jobs allegedly asked the MobileMe panel what the new artifact was made-up to do.

When a worker explained about the purpose, the CEO allegedly reacted with some vernacular languages. Job has reposted that the reputation of Apple is stained. Mossberg is not expressing good things about us these days.

The MobileMe "push" service was initiated in June 2009 as an heir to Mac, along with Web-related applications including E-mail, calendar and contacts. But MobileMe had a hard start and Apple make an apology and presented a 30-day free subscription after a huge number of problems took place.

Now, in the year 2011, Apple is assumed to be on the edge of bringing in a descendant to MobileMe, named "iCloud." Previous month, Apple Insider has utterly stated that the introduction Internet cloud service will present music streaming and improved sync ability between linked devices.