Electronic Communication System in China under Tough Check-up

Since the revolts have began to get reflected on internet through the North Africa and Middle East to organize protests in China, the entire electronic communications system has been dragged under the vigilance of Chinese authorities. Chinese government has tightened up its grip and has become more determined in policing all the messages, cell phone calls, e-mail messages, and any other mode of internet communications. All this has been initiated to smoother any hint of antigovernment sentiments.

According to Russell Leigh Moses, a Beijing analyst of China’s leadership, “The hard-liners have won the field, and now we are seeing exactly how they want to run the place. I think the gloves are coming off”.

Chinese government also disrupted the services of Gmail in the country on Sunday, which made users think it as a technical problem at Google. Besides, several popular virtual private-network services, or V. P. N.’s, that were deliberately created to evade the government’s computerized censors, have been also crippled.

All this impacted the users to great extent in some or the other way. Ninth grade students with school research projects out cried the interruption at Google services. They were sent a frustrating replacement search option which could even pierce the so-called Great Firewall.