A Better Combo of Cloud and Mobile Computing

The only consumer brand that Microsoft has and could bring revitalization throughout Redmond is the latest iPad Xbox. Upon the recent failure of MP3 player on the list of Microsoft, it has decided to kill the Zune franchise.

Xbox is known as the hottest tech brand on the planet these days and even the folks at Guinness Records also loved this invention. They just named Xbox Kinect as the fastest-selling gadget of all time. Indeed, after the launch of this iPad on November 4, Microsoft has moved more than 8 million Kinect units in the next eight weeks.

In comparison to the recent DOA Microsoft entries Vista, the KIN phone, and Zune, the success of Xbox 360 and its Kinect hands-free control system has made a position in hi-def.

In regard to Windows Phone 7, there exist many rumors of its poor sales. However, Microsoft for its latest mobile operating system is quite evasive about the shipment numbers.

This invention being the first nail down solid mobile is a great contribution to exploit the natural synergy of smartphones and tablets with the cloud strategies.