Huawei is just an inch away from London Underground deal

As per the sources, Huawei is very close to getting the London Underground deal. The Chinese manufacturer is going to provide all technical equipments for the project in which London Underground is trying to put up a mobile network in the tube before the start of 2012 Olympics.

Maintenance of the services is going to be done by Thales and it is going to be forming a partnership with its Chinese counterpart. The project is because of the continuous efforts of Boris Johnson, mayor of London. He has been trying hard to increase the Internet connectivity in the city.

Charing Cross station has already got a WiFi running on the tube. It has already been discussed for quite many years that the tube should have proper mobile access. But since it was quite expensive, the project was shifted for so many years.

While many have supported the view, the critics feel that these connections can be used by terrorists for their own purposes.

The sources also revealed that now it is only Huawei which is running for getting manufacturers license. But others are also being considered.