Amazon to launch Android app store

Online retailer Amazon has opened an app store and invited software developers to create apps for Android-based devices.

Amazon said that developers could submit their apps for approval and listing in its new app store. Amazon's app store will start offering apps later this year, in a move that will intensify competition in the market.

A lot of online app stores have emerged following Apple's success with its iTunes.

Speaking on the existing apps market, Amazon said, "The sheer number of apps available today makes it hard for customers to find high-quality, relevant products - and developers simply struggle to get their apps noticed."

The retailer further said that the vast collection of apps in its store will help customers find relevant products.

Amazon's app store will become operational launch later this year; however, developers who sign up now will receive a free year before they have to start pay $99 in annual fee.

What makes the new app store different from other is that Amazon will set actual app pricing.

Amazon said it reserved the increase or decrease an app's price. However, the retailer added that it would pass back 70 per cent of the sale price, or 20 per cent of the developer's price (whichever is greater) to developers. It means an app a developer submitting an app with a price of $10, can expect $7 per sale. If Amazon simply starts giving it away, the developer will get $2 for every download