Money claims treatment for IVF

MSP has lambasted the drastic decision of NHS to provide IVF treatment to private patients. In a report, one of the spokespersons has claimed that NHS has been banned by SNP authority not to participate into the IVF treatment procedures as it takes money and huge time to provide healthcare service to patients.

Lot of complaints has been registered against NHS due to lack of infrastructure, inordinate delay in providing IVF treatment and demand for huge amount of money to take care of patients.

According to experts, NHS always takes minimum 3 years for offering IVF treatment to patients.

On the other hand, the representative of NHS has retaliated by claiming that charges against the NHS have been given gloss of false impression and exaggeration.

In reality, it takes 1 year to provide IVF treatment to patients. In addition, the treatment can be offered to patients within 8 weeks after the consultation with patients during emergency.

Public Health minister Ms. Shona Robinson is agreed to the subject that it is unacceptable to have “Major Discrepancies” among the health boards for the IVF treatment. She has also said that they are working efficiently to ensure that the couples are offered IVF in timely and equitable manner.