Breakthrough Technology Used for Lowering Blood Pressure Meets with Success in Trials

High blood pressure is known to affect more than 25% people living in Australia and one of those people happens to be Gael Lander, a woman in her 60s. Ms. Lander happens to be the first person to have been treated with radio waves that have helped her in bringing down her blood pressure level.

The 45-minute procedure has seen Ms. Lander being a lot less worried as her blood pressure has started to cool off and give her time to finally sit back and relax. She also happens to be the first person, who has undergone the procedure in a trial of 106-people suffering from high blood pressure.

The trial involved people from all over Europe and Australia, in which, researchers had inserted a catheter into an artery in the upper thigh of patients and connected it to another artery located next to the kidney. Following the placement of catheters, low-power radio waves were used to heat up and turn off nerves, which are known to be involved in increasing the blood pressure of people.

Following the procedure, people were tested and were seen to have remarkably reduced blood pressure. The trials were led by a Professor from Melbourne’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Markus Schlaich, who felt that the new technology would be successful in improving the lives of many people.